iDROPS started an association in Portugal

For many years we have been convinced that iDROPS can contribute to social innovation in Portugal. In 2018 we took the opportunity and went along with the royal mission to Lisbon. There was a lot of attention for social innovation from both Belgian and Portuguese participants. Under the watchful eye of King Philippe and Queen Mathilde, we signed a partnership with Impact Hub Lisbon, and they gave it the thumbs up. The first steps of our Portuguese adventure were taken and it felt so good! This is what followed:

Nathalie and Hendrikje gave the workshop "Intrapreneurship For Social Impact" in mid-June 2019 for 18 employees of the Ageas Group innovation & strategy team in Portugal.

In 2019 we started a non-profit organization in Portugal. Yes, we did it! After several meetings, discussions about possible projects and making plans, the collaboration was officially signed in November 2019. We join forces with Impact Hub Lisbon.

Why this collaboration? We have 10 years of experience in social innovation and have already completed various European projects. Because of this we see many opportunities to roll out our projects in Portugal. Impact Hub is the logical partner, because they think in the same way as we do and we share the same vision. But also because they have an impressive network in Portugal and know the Portuguese context very well.

What does this mean in concrete terms? Together with our partners we will develop projects in Portugal within the iDROPS themes: Care, Superdiversity, New Learning ... At our own initiative and at the request of governments, non-profit organizations and companies.

Informal Care Hub is our first project in Portugal. Research has shown that carers often become isolated, depressed or burned out due to their situation. To prevent this, we create informal care cafés, places where informal caregivers meet, exchange, see guest speakers and help each other through their process. In addition, we identify stakeholders who are working on informal care. We bring them together and strengthen them in their work. This is the answer for every city or municipality to create an ecosystem for healthcare providers within their policies.

We also plan Connected.Dots in Portugal. Connected.Dots is an art collective where refugees and newcomers enrich society with stories and design products through active participation and co-creation.

Another of our cool 21st-century projects in Belgium is Studio Digital. In this project we work on all kinds of digital skills (game development, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, ...) with vulnerable target groups (risk youngsters, refugees, former addicts ...). We do this through a people-oriented design approach and co-creation of an end product.

But of course many other projects are possible. To be continued!

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