The need to strengthen people in terms of digital literacy is bigger than ever as COVID-19 shifted our society radically. That’s why iDROPS focuses on enhancing digital self confidence and digital skills among vulnerable groups within society. Let’s introduce you to two of our main projects.

Studio Digital focuses on enhancing digital self confidence and digital skills among vulnerable groups such as NEET youngsters, prisoners, people with disabilities and unemployed people. To get there we always start from their passions and interests, encouraging them to develop their own project ideas with the help of digital software or tools. Getting there can imply looking for information online, working with spreadsheets, communicating through social media, coding, video editing, graphical design,.. In this way we use digital tools as a means, not as a goal. In addition to digital skills Studio Digital also pays attention to other 21st century skills such as critical and creative thinking, media literacy, problem solving and entrepreneurship. 

DIGI SMAAKMAKER motivates workers to educate themselves towards more digital and technical skills. Due to the increasing digitization at the workplace and the ever-accelerating technological evolution, more and more companies experience upskilling and reskilling challenges. In order to develop a positive mindset regarding automation and digital tools, workers need to get eager to train their digital skills. With DIGI SMAAKMAKER we take companies and their workers on a digitization journey where they can: 

- Experience the positive effects of digitization

- Get a taste of different digital tools

- Experience digital realities mixed zones (VR, AR..)

- Get to express their digital needs 

- Get oriented in which digital trainings they could benefit from

In this way, participants get a better understanding of the digital world, as well a broader perspective of the future labor market. 

Intrigued by these projects? Want to know more? Send an e-mail to our lovely colleague Brecht (brecht.vdb@idrops.beand he’ll answer all your questions with great enthusiasm. 


More information on our project page and LinkedIn!

Studio Digital and Digi Smaakmaker